What People Are Saying…

“I approached Coach Traycie for Executive Coaching because I needed someone who could help me grow in areas of Leadership from a Biblical perspective. I have known her for a long time, and she was the best and most qualified to take this journey with me. She helped me tremendously with planning, evaluation and feedback analysis as well as group expectations.

Doing a 1-1 Mastermind on John C. Maxwell’s book ‘Leadership Gold,’ resulted in my ability to fine tune my areas for growth and work on strategies to strengthen them.  Leadership Gold also enabled me to become more in sync with others around me. Leadership is about helping others climb to the top of the mountain. The book and coaching sessions deeply connected me with the people that I am leading. Now, I am better equipped to help them climb to the top of the mountain and show them their potential as leaders too.

I found the overall experience extremely valuable, especially as a bi-vocational leader.  I was able to apply the techniques and strategies I learned in both church and work leadership roles. I would highly recommend Coach Traycie to people who need any type of leadership training and development. She is patient and celebrates every development milestone.  Coach Traycie is supportive and encouraging and really walks the journey with you to reach success. I learned about myself and grew in my leadership abilities in a very short time. I honestly would not be in the place I am now without the leadership training and coaching I received from Coach Traycie at SpeakLife2Me.”

– L. McIntosh

“As a mother of two active boys, and a full-time employee, it became very difficult to find balance in my life. As a mental health professional, I had the knowledge that many would deem sufficient to keep myself from being off kilter. However, due to many external factors, I struggled to implement the very things that I often taught others to do. Frustrated with the disorder in my life, and feeling ill-equipped to get back on track, I decided to try Life Coaching. I began to see dramatic changes in my life after my first session!

Coach Traycie has a unique way of coming alongside her clients and guiding them through the process of discovering (or rediscovering) the tools that they already possess to live an authentic life! At the onset, it was evident that Coach Traycie did not rely on her professional expertise and gifting alone… I am proud to say that after six coaching sessions, I am in the process of creating a “Family Life Plan” and have embraced a new truth that I will, “Live my life on purpose! Overall, Life Coaching has impacted my life spiritually, relationally, emotionally, and professionally. I strongly recommend that you to give life coaching a try and allow Coach Traycie the opportunity to “speak life” into any area that needs resuscitating.”

-Daniall F.

Are you next?

Tracyie is a very professional woman of virtue who stands behind her work as well as her word. She is loyal, dependable and always willing to go the extra mile.”

-Janet L.

“Traycie is very creative and displays a drive for excellence. She is precise in honoring her customer’s desire in detail which has increased her ability to excel in her chosen field. She has the uncanny knack of capturing your desire and making it a reality. It was a joy to work with Traycie.”

-I. McIntyre

“Traycie is a true gem to SpeakLife2Me and Sunrise2Sea Travel. Her ability to answer any and all questions, her attention to detail, professionalism and personable attitude is a major asset to her businesses. I’m  fortunate to have worked with such an industrious, thorough and hard working individual as anyone who works with her in the future will come to realize.”

-Kevin H.