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From a holistic perspective, we bring our combined expertise to focus on your most key issues. 

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Businesses & Leaders

Do You Need Marketing Strategies That  Improves Your Business?

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“The John C. Maxwell” Certified Coaching, Training & Speaking methodologies focus on building rapport to help you identify and fully embrace your abilities, skill-set and desired potential. Using our executive leadership assessments and other tools, our goal is to further develop your strengths and overcome limitations. We also provide Website Design, Hosting, & Business Development.

Mastermind Groups


Does Your Company Need V.I.P. Training to Transform and Motivate Your Employees?

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Following John C. Maxwell’s book “Leadership Gold,” the Mastermind Group meets weekly for one hour and is based on a 10-week curriculum. The goal of the group brings together highly motivated and dedicated individuals desirous of making significant change both individually and professionally.

Lunch & Learn Training Program

Do You Want A FREE 45-Minute Interactive Session For Your Business?

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This John C. Maxwell training makes it convenient for your group to stay on-site. The goal is to create passion and motivation for self-improvement while increasing productivity in your place of business.

Leadership Assessments

Are Your Top-Level Executives Ready To Climb The Corporate Leadership Ladder?

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Based on John C. Maxwell’s “5 Levels of Leadership,” The Maxwell Leadership Assessment is a research validated tool available for your company leaders to determine how others experience their leadership. Other strategic surveys or questionnaires are also available and may be customized to fit your business needs.

Business Retreats

Do Your Employees Need To Take a Break And Re-Connect?

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We  can customize a retreat for your company that allows your employees to:

  • Increase teamwork and strengthen leadership within the organization or in the workplace
  • review ongoing project progress or initiatives being changed in the organization
  • take stock of progress in a project or with organizational change initiatives
  • engender synergy and creativity around workplace issues or future company goals
  • create a shared experience in vital planning issues, or provide solutions to organizational concerns
  • discuss issues in a more thoughtful manner outside of the controlled office works-pace environment
  • allow telecommuters or remote workers the opportunity to reconnect with other workers from various geographical locations
  • allow people who telecommute or who are located in different geographical regions or who travel a lot



Administrators & Educators

Do You Need a Classroom Management Specialist in Your School or District?

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I am a “Time-to-Teach” Certified Classroom Management Trainer for Pre-School, K-12, University, Community College, Private Schools, Summer Camps, or Church Groups. We help reduce your school’s office referrals and increase your test scores. Our concentration is redefining teaching and learning in schools and providing incredibly useful Professional Teacher-Staff Development. Leadership assessments are also available.

Non-Profit & Faith-Based Organizations

Does Your Organization Need To Rise Up For Any Occasion?

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I provide consultation for your team and customize a strategy that enables your company to maximize goals which fits the scope of your budget. Our consulting services include Financial Peace University Financial Planning, Fundraising Strategies, Social Media Management, Targeted Marketing, Customized Assessments and Leadership Training. We also provide Website Design, Hosting, & Business Development.

    *Dating *Engaged *Married Couples

    Are You Ready For Your Next Relationship Upgrade?

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    I am a “PREPARE/ENRICH” Certified Facilitator for couples seeking to gain greater insight into their strengths, areas for improvement and other relationship dynamics impacting couple’s communication. We help couples to develop a skill-set that will enhance the areas for improvement in whatever season of life they are in. We will work one-on-one, retreats, church-settings, mentorship programs for couples and  other numerous settings.

    Coaching Services

    Do You Need to Shift, Improve Your Mindset and Increase Your Performance?

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    Executive One-on-One & Group Coaching is available for individuals and businesses. We provide solution-focused strategies utilizing John C. Maxwell’s resources that enable you to experience greater support and equity. Doing so helps you to reach personal or business related milestones that encompass growth and success.

    Speaking & Workshops

    Are You Ready To Be Inspired And Empowered?

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    Whether it is a keynote speech, round-table discussion or seminar, we can provide your company with an engaging and customized exposition. Workshops include presentation, group discussion and interactive demonstration that fits the scope of your business needs while increasing value for your team.

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